Fuse at Mason Square

More than just a fancy new building. Designed for innovation programming, partnerships, and community engagement — all 345,000 + square feet. Fuse at Mason Square is designed to be a lightning rod for new ideas.

realistic artist rendering of the future Fuse building at twilight, with people inside the glass windowed building and also walking around outside it.

What is Fuse?


Fuse is more than just a building project. It is an endeavor to create a space to foster learning, research, and entrepreneurship.

  • A one-of-a-kind experience for industry, researchers, faculty, and students to interact and thrive
  • A future-ready, high-tech, sustainable, resilient building that can respond to the accelerated pace of change
  • Large-scale meeting facilities, collaboration spaces, and activated outdoor terraces and public plazas
  • Access to specialized labs including robotics, AR/VR, simulation, network, data visualization, and secure facilities
  • Commercial spaces designed to meet a variety of needs, including labs, customer experience centers, and specialized operations suites



Make a Place

Our 345,000-square-foot development project will transform the innovation landscape in Arlington. Fuse at Mason Square will offer students, researchers, commercial partners, and technical vanguard an opportunity to take part in an immersive atmosphere of ideation and innovation.

  • 225,000 square feet for Mason-led innovation programming and community engagement 

  • 120,000 for innovation labs, offices, and developer and partner programming 

  • 15,000 square feet of retail amenities

  • 146,000 square feet of underground parking

This is just the beginning. Plans for the building include a vertical solar array, a high-performance building envelope and HVAC system. It will feature an advanced DOAS system with sensible cooling terminal units coupled to advanced HVAC controllers. In addition to a 40% reduction (over code) in potable water use, it will also capture and treat stormwater via a green roof, and no potable water is planned for mechanical use. A robust platform of smart building controls, technology, and dashboards will enable operators, researchers, and even tenants to learn from and influence the sustainability performance of the building. This digital innovation headquarters will meet LEED Platinum, FitWel 2-star wellbeing, and RELi resilience standards.

  • ORANGE: Open innovation “mixing bowls” where faculty, students, community members, and tenant partners mingle
  • BLUE: Digital-enabled tenant space for business partners with views of Arlington’s dynamic commercial corridor
  • GREEN: Mason offices, digitally-enabled classrooms, and multi-modal lab and incubator spaces
  • PINK: Public amenities such as retail and parking for easy-access collaboration

Collaborate With Others

Fuse is designed with collaboration at it's core. Here, you are easily able to collaborate across the stakeholder universe with student, faculty, corporate partner, and community-based programming. Draw from diverse expertise with an open campus innovation ecosystem infrastructure that taps into Mason resources across campus.

Cover the Gaps

The lab-to-market process can be fraught with risk. Our innovation initiative incorporates the unique features of Fuse and Mason Square to build bridges between key research and development milestones to increase the survival rate of new technologies. With a purpose-built environment for this pipeline, Fuse at Mason Square will become a keystone of the Arlington innovation ecosystem. 


Fuse Quarterly Fuseletter

Cover of the Fuse winter 2023 newsletter

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