Meet a Break Through Tech 2023 Sprintern: Nhu Vo

Next month, fifty-four George Mason students will attend a three-week long micro-internship at one of ten well-known tech companies in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, including American Express, Bechtel Corporation, Booz Allen Hamilton, Commvault, Crown Castle, KPMG, Mastercard, Microsoft, Ticketmaster, and Verizon. They are taking part in the Sprinternship program at Break Through Tech DC, an organization dedicated to increasing the number of underrepresented students in computing degree programs. 

Meet a Sprintern Q&A: Nhu Vo

Break Through Tech 2023 Sprintern Nhu Vo smiles at the camera while at the beach at sunset
Nhu Vo will be a Break Through Tech Sprintern in 2023. Photo provided.

Q: Do you have a background in CS/IST? 

A: Prior to Mason, I had no background in CS or IST. During my second year at Mason, I decided to major in information technology after majoring in business and was introduced to CS/IST through courses such as computing and programming. As of now, I have worked on multiple projects based on programming and web development.

Q: What area of tech are you interested in pursuing and why?  

A: I am uncertain at the moment, as I am debating between cybersecurity and web development; but, it seems like cybersecurity will be a good path for me. The right to privacy is essential, and as a future cybersecurity professional, I would like to ensure that protection. I am also interested in how classified information is handled and processed.

Q: What are your goals for a career in tech – how might this Sprinternship help you get there?  

A: As a third-year student, I want to gain as much experience in technology as possible before graduating and entering the workforce. This Sprinternship will allow me to experience the work life and how a company functions. It will also provide me with hands-on experience in technology and working among colleagues. With this Sprinternship and a career in technology, I want to learn additional knowledge, using my previous knowledge to my advantage when appropriate.

Q: What advice do you have for students applying to the Sprinternship program next year?  

A: Apply! It has become a norm for others to believe they are unfit for a position due to not fulfilling all the requirements, but do not let that stop you! You may have a strength elsewhere that the employer foresees in a potential candidate. Personally, I thought I was unqualified myself due to having minimal work experience. However, that did not stop me. I applied, and my coursework and projects were enough, and I will be interning for one of the ten well-known companies in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area next month!